Downturned Mouth


Downturned Mouth (drooping mouth corners) are a common problem for many people. They can be caused by ageing, smoking, or other factors. There are many ways to treat and conceal drooping mouth corners.

Some of the treatments include:

- Botox injections

- Fillers

- Laser treatment

- Surgery

The most common treatment for drooping mouth corners is to inject them with fillers. These injections will plump up the skin and make it look more youthful.

Fillers can also be used to treat other signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, lines, or sagging skin.

Another way to treat drooping mouth corners is with Botox injections. Botox injections can be used to temporarily paralyse muscles in your face that cause wrinkles and lines on your skin. This will help reduce any lines that may have formed around your mouth from smiling too much or frowning too often.

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Nancy Y. (London, England)
Simply Amazing

The staff are polite, the clinic was very clean and the nurse, Oyin was kind, gentle, and listened to my concerns about the shape of my mounth.
She took the time to answer my questions thoroughly and gave her honest opinion.
She made sure I was comfortable and her attention to detail gave me all the confidence that everything will turn out great, as it did!
They have set the standard of what every clinic should be like.
Highly recommend Love skin and hair to anyone who has any cosmetic needs