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Skin Boosters
Yvonne G. (Gillingham, England)
Profhilo worked well for me

I am so glad I had Profhilo and ZO Skin normalising kit at Love Skin And Hair. I wanted a solution to skin laxity around my face, neck and arms that didn't involve surgery. It wasn't an instant fix but I could see the improvements after just two weeks. My skin is radiant, smooth and glowing. Would highly recommend the skin booster treatment for healthier and softer looking skin

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Skin Brightening
Valorie Lawrence (Gillingham, England)
Brilliant Work

I suffer from dark spots and marks on my face. I had a skin brightening package at Love Skin And Hair which included a hydrafacial treatment and a take home skin care package specific for skin brightening which really helped my spots fade away.

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Skin Resurfacing
Patricia S. (Longfield, England)
Very Friendly and Approachable

I have been extremely pleased with the treatments I have had, ie dermal fillers and skin resurfacing. When I return from a holiday in September, I intend to book for the procedure that helps minimise pigmentation. When the fillers need to be replaced, I will certainly book for more. I didn’t leave the clinic looking like Jordan!!! I have recommended several friends, and will continue to do so”

Vaginal Skin, Fat and Collagen Remodeling
F.G. (Gillingham, England)
So glad I went to Love Skin And Hair

I did a lot of research into Vaginal rejuvenation,I wanted to improve my overall intimate health and wellbeing and booked a free consultation at Love Skin And Hair Sevenoaks.
When I first made the appointment, I was nervous but felt comfortable quickly after talking to the nurse about the treatment. I just thought I'd mention that her aftercare and discretion was second to none. Thanks so much and would definitely recommend this treatment.

Simply The Best HydraFacial Treatment !!!!

I had the pleasure of trying The Love Skin And Hair Clinic's new HydraFacial machine. The whole experience was wonderful. So relaxing, cleansing and refreshing. I could feel as my skin was being cleaned. I love the fact it cleans your pores. You don’t realize how much dirt and bacteria are on your skin and within your pores until you get this facial and see the amount and the looks of want comes out. It’s amazing. You will walk away feeling beautiful and refreshed. I will definitely be coming back for regular facials.
Thank you for giving me an amazing HydraFacial experience.

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Anti Ageing Treatment
Alexis Bailey (Gillingham, England)
By far the best anti ageing treatments in Sevenoaks

This little place is hidden but has its own car park. I first went because they had a model's day that my friend wanted to attend and I was astounded at how the nurse did her treatments and the others.
She has definetely been doing facial aesthetics for many years. From Lips down to the Neck, she was doing various places and using various techniques. I have been having treatments for years but will never go anywhere else now. Booked my appointment straight after.
Very talented :)

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Nefertiti Lift
Grace Hill (Gillingham, England)
WOW is all I have to say!!

Love Skin And Hair team are trully amazing. When i came to Nurse Oyin with my concerns, I never imagined the results would be as amazing as they are.
Being younger and with a genetic double chin (even at my lowest weight), having tired looking eyes, was something that I was deeply insecure about.
She spent a long time with my initial consult explaining everything in detail, and the risks too. I felt very comfortable and understood (especially with this being something I was so insecure about!). I booked after that and the the process was pretty seamless.
No gimmicks and no hard pressure sales, she absolutely loves what she does and it shows.
Will definitely recommend.

Highly recommend this clinic

I was very sceptical about using ZO Skin products recommended by Oyin at Love Skin And Hair since I had tried a bunch of options with little to no results for my hyperpigmentation, but this works!
I started seeing results after a month, and it is now fully gone three months later!
Consistency is key and it is not a quick process but totally worth the money.

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Kelly Green
Worth it. Seen visible differences after one week

My skin is visibly more supple, hydrated and young looking. If you are going to invest in looking good this one is an absolute must! I have always suffered from dry sensitive skin and spent a fortune on moisturisers. I have the just returned from holiday natural look.
Strongly recommend

Quality is beyond amazing!!

Oyin is amazing! Very knowledgeable and informative about realistic expectations. If you want painless Botox, Dermal fillers and a good laugh you've found the best!

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Weak Chin
Amina B.
Best Dermal Filler Treatment in Kent

If you are thinking about getting lip fillers DO IT, I recently got my chin done at Love Skin And Hair and it was an amazing experience. I thoroughly did my research before coming in and I am so happy I came. I was made to feel comfortable through out the process. I am out of words on how much I love my new look, definitely will be coming back.

I give this location a 10/10 thank you once again

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Thin Lips
Alice Collins
Botox and lip Filler. Subtle the way i like it

I have been using botox and lip filler for many years with varied results. I absolutely love my full face rejuvenation treatment at Love Skin And Hair Aesthetics Clinic. It's the first time that i have had treatments in one sitting to address the entire face using Botox and filler yet look so natural that no one notices a thing.
Such expertise and skill to never look overdone and always looking fresh is so rare to get outside London.

Best facial aesthetics clinic in Kent and would highly recommend.

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Neck Lines
Sophia Burton
Very impressed with my improvement options

I have struggled with the appearance of my neck for a few years. Ageing is inevitable but i booked an appointment at Love Skin And Hair Clinic expecting to be told that going under the knife would be my only option.
The nurse that i saw was very experienced and gave me all sorts of options based on how quick i wanted to see results, time needed between treatments, my pain threshold and even my budget.
Decided to go with a radio frequency tightening treatment and my neck is now sooooo smooth.

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Wide Jawline
Isabella Daly
Exceptional Clinic

I love everything about this clinic, even the decor. It looks like a modern clinic yet still homely. I could not be happier, surprised and more satisfied by the results I've got.
Oyin is an exceptional professional and can really offer the best range of treatments for all skin issues.
I am very happy I found her and would recommend the clinic to anyone who needs a remedy to a skin issue.

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Weak Jawline
Imogen F.
Very Professional

Oyin is friendly and very professional. She is knowledgeable and ensures you get the best results. I would recommend her to anyone.

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Weak Chin
Danielle Bright
Best decision I've made!

Started out with dermal fillers for my chin, now I get Botox, Lip fillers,hydrafacials, Skin Boosters, Fat reduction shots and ZO Skin from the clinic.
It's my 1 stop for professional beauty treatments, my second home.

I love going there.

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Clinic Consultation
Arthur Elliot
First impressions exceded expectations

I walked in after making an enquiry at Form Gym located above the clinic.
Oyin was clear, brilliant and so welcoming. She was so knowledgeable and provided several tips to improve my skin. Got my Brotox done and I am beyond pleased and will be visiting regularly.

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Dermal Fillers
Teresa Baker (London, England)
Magic Workers :)

I highly recommend going with Oyin at Love skin And hair Aesthetics Clinic In Sevenoaks. I was a bit nervous going in be she was able to talk me through the process, she's very friendly as well which provides that comfort. She provided me with pre and post procedures tips which i found very helpful.
She was super gently and patient with me which I really appreciated it.

I highly recommend this place!

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Ageing Neck
Matilda S.
Quality Service, Quality Support

This is my first time going to Love Skin And Hair Clinic. I had previously called 2 other spots but none were as much of a help as Oyin.
She showed the upmost professionalism over the phone, she was beyond informative as well as comforting. She provided me with so much knowledge and was able to answer all my questions.
Even after the phone call, she was quick to set me up with an appointment in the evening after work.

The communication was there as well as the rapid responses via email. She is very friendly in person, it's obvious she genuinely cares.

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Wide Jawline
Joy Hampton (Longfield, England)
Excellent 👏

Love Skin And Hair Clinic is now my top choice for non surgical procedures. I had outstanding results from my last treatment. Oyin is an excellent practitioner and the prices are very reasonable.

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Sophia Edwards (Longfield, England)
Great place, Best clinic in Sevenoaks

Oyin is very professional and friendly. I had questions after my treatment and she was more than happy to help. Results are great. Would definitely recommend :)

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Lip Lines
Zara Edwards (Longfield, England)
Superb botox results

I have been getting anti wrinkle treatments for a few years but nothing as good as what i had with Oyin at Love Skin And Hair. I can’t say enough about her. She is an artist! She will make you feel like an old friend and always provide her clients with excellent results. She is a perfectionist so she will not steer you wrong.

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Remote Consultation
Hannah W. (Longfield, England)
Very impressed with zoom consultation

I am so pleased with my experience receiving chin fillers with Oyin. I booked a virtual consultation and was very impressed with her knowlledge. Harley street service now being given in Sevenoaks, amazing.
I have a recessed chin and wanted to gain more protrusion. I wanted the results to be very subtle, where only I would notice. This was my first time with fillers and I was initially nervous going in, hence the reason for the virtual consult. Oyin is very knowledgeable, she walked me through the entire process and answered all of my questions. I also didn’t feel any pressure from her to do the procedure. She was very gentle handed and took her time to make sure everything was even and symmetrical. I am so happy with the results; it is exactly what I wanted.

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Nose to Mouth Lines
Ashley K. (Longfield, England)
5 Star Injectables treatment at home

I have had Love Skin And Hair injectables treatments twice now and it is always a pleasant experience. Oyin is great and shows a lot of care for her patients. I am very happy with the results of my dermal filler and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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Sunken Cheeks
Billy F. (Longfield, England)
I feel so refreshed with my smooth cheeks

Oyin is so amazing. She focuses on the clients individual needs and takes the time to really listen. She is patient and understanding and really enhances one’s natural beauty! I started my dermal fillers journey with her and totally trust & love her & my results.